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Member tagging - TheSuffolkSeasider - 04-01-2017 15:39

Apologies if some of you got the wrong idea from the thread title.

What I'm suggesting is the feature where you can tag another forum member when posting by writing their name with an @ in front of it. This person then gets a notification that they've been mentioned in a post by so-and-so and can go straight to that post through a link.

I imagine most of you old farts will hate this idea as much as you did the suggestion the Smilies were updated but hey ho, just trying to suggest some things to get this forum up to date!

RE: Member tagging - CheshireSeasider - 04-01-2017 16:34

I thought Daib0 had come up with a new game for a minute...

RE: Member tagging - seasider - 04-01-2017 18:17

Hi Suffolk. I don't think Steed will be making any enhancements to this forum as the plan is to create a brand new forum and get away from a standard forum template which limits what you can do.

With everything that has gone on, this has been way down the priority list which I'm sure you can appreciate.

Steed will be the best person to provide any more information.

RE: Member tagging - tangerine77 - 06-01-2017 19:09

Seasider darent make any changes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: Member tagging - seasider - 06-01-2017 22:10

Any changes will done by Steed Wink

RE: Member tagging - tangerine77 - 06-01-2017 22:57

Gay boy ha ha

RE: Member tagging - seasider - 06-01-2017 23:00

I've put my ideas forward which I'm sure Steed is taking ever so seriously

RE: Member tagging - TheSuffolkSeasider - 02-02-2017 13:28

Well, Steed, don't forget spoiler tags too please!

RE: Member tagging - daib0 - 12-02-2017 12:05

(04-01-2017 16:34)CheshireSeasider Wrote:  I thought Daib0 had come up with a new game for a minute...

nah, I'd only tag the gals ... Wink