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Silence Is Not Golden
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Silence Is Not Golden
Don't like to self-plug but this is my article attempting to sum up the ordeal at the moment at the club on the new website "The Match" http://www.thematch.co.uk/silence/

Quote:I wish I could sit here and write about how things are coming together and how I think Jose Riga will set out next year, but I can’t. In fact, I couldn’t even predict the starting eleven because we only have eight registered players. The current scenario at Blackpool Football Club is beyond farcical and if this was occurring at any other club questions would’ve been asked throughout the footballing world, yet not with “little, old” Blackpool. Media outlets are only just catching on to the ludicrous nature of our pre-season outlay and the downward spiral our club is heading for.

A large majority of our fan base understood way before the season was over that we were going to lose a large bulk of our squad and to be quite honest, we were happy about that. The quality of the squad last season was dreadful and we needed a clean slate for the upcoming season, a fresh start with an ambitious manager with a set philosophy. Then we realised, our chairman is Karl Oyston. Let me tell you, when your club is ran by Karl Oyston you know things will inevitably go wrong as is clear to see today.

However, we certainly didn’t expect the manager hunt to last a total period of two months, all be it we found undoubtedly one of the best options we could’ve got in Jose Riga, though it is obvious he wasn’t fully aware as to what being Blackpool manager brings to the table. Jose is a fantastic manager with a clear philosophy in his mind and therefore a clean slate with the freedom to build his own squad must’ve been a massive bonus when taking the job. Yet, he didn’t realise that at Blackpool we don’t do Championship level wages, we do rejects on League One salaries hoping they can bring back their past form in their career.

The silence from the club has been frustrating to say the least, as the days pass by you become more worried about the club even being able to field a side come the start of the season. Pre-season training has begun with eight players, one of which we re-signed in Tony McMahon and another in which we signed for free from Karpaty Lviv of Ukraine in the form of Sergei Zenjov, a man who must be wondering what on earth he has let himself in for once he turned up at Squires Gate “training ground”. The reason I put the emphasis on “training ground” is because it is more like an abandoned air field with a shack in the corner, it doesn’t even have running hot water.

Anyway, the club have arranged a pre-season camp in Spain in just a fortnight’s time and god only knows how we will have a full squad for that with no signings looking imminent. That is the most worrying thing, no one seems rushed or worried inside the club; they are free to take a more laboured approach as they aren’t the ones paying hard-earned money to watch Blackpool FC. I am, as are many others, though I am beginning to regret my decision of buying a season ticket, all it does is line the pockets of the Oystons.

The backroom staff members haven’t officially signed deals yet so are currently working under non-contract terms which highlights the instability as if they aren’t prepared to commit to such an unstable project. Jose Riga is now apparently a target for Deportivo of La Liga and to be perfectly honest part of me wants him to go so it leaves Karl Oyston’s position completely untenable. Clearly something is not right behind the scenes at Bloomfield Road, a lot of rumours suggest Riga was promised a reasonable transfer budget and Karl has backed out of that, it leaves Jose in a very difficult position and I can only sympathise with him.

Personally, I still believe that Jose Riga will not be manager of Blackpool Football Club come the start of the season. I don’t know how it will play out but all I can say is things are going to get a lot worse as the days go by. I leave you with the parting message that, no matter how bad things are getting at your club, spare us a thought.

Oyston Out.
09-07-2014 22:17
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RE: Silence Is Not Golden
09-07-2014 22:23
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RE: Silence Is Not Golden
09-07-2014 22:24
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RE: Silence Is Not Golden
Good report Macca. The only thing I will pick up on is the last sentence. I doubt Coventry fans and League Two clubs would agree with this:

Quote:I leave you with the parting message that, no matter how bad things are getting at your club, spare us a thought.

However, I get your point. I doubt there are many clubs in the football league that have as much negativity running through the ranks as us.
10-07-2014 07:22
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RE: Silence Is Not Golden
Great and honest report that Macca. Send it to Will Watt mate. He would use it I'm sure.
10-07-2014 10:21
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