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Prediction League 2016-2017 Rules
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Prediction League 2016-2017 Rules
The Prediction League is a competition where forum members can predict results in the hope of finishing top of the table. The main aim is to see which member is the best at predicting scores.

To play along in the prediction league, simply post a prediction in any "Prediction League" thread for any Blackpool game and you will automatically be added to the league table. Threads will be available for every game in the current season in this prediction league main forum. Threads from old games will be moved to the Prediction League Archive Forum.

Predictions should be in the form:

Home score - Away Score
(First) Scorer

For example:
Blackpool 7-0 Liverpool

A maximum 8 points are available for each prediction, points are awarded as followed:

5 points for correct score
3 points for correct first scorer
2 point for correct result (Home win, away win, draw)

You only need to put 1 scorer, if this player scores the first goal you'll get 3 points. Please note: if there is any ambiguity between Blackpool players (e.g. Kevin and Matty Phillips), you must state which you mean (e.g. K. Phillips) or your scorer will be ignored. If the post has been edited after the match has kicked off, your predictions will be ignored. If you predict Blackpool 0 you do not have to also say no goalscorer, it will be assumed.

- In cup competitions, score is final after 90 mins. Extra time doesn't count.
- If Blackpool win 1-0 with an own goal, putting no goalscorer counts.
- If Blackpool won 2-0 and the first was an own goal and Ince scored the second then Ince would be classed as the first goal scorer.

The league table is calculated in the following sequence:

Total points
Amount of full points
Username (Ascending)

Many thanks to Louise who has volunteered to organise this.

*These rules are subject to change but will NOT be changed in the middle of a competition.
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