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louise_a Offline

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.pdf  bhs predictions 2016.pdf (Size: 42.69 KB / Downloads: 14)

*sour grapes mode on*

I was the only one to get the result right against Barnsley, but got less points than everyone who predicted a defeat with no pool goal scorer

*sour grapes mode off*
10-01-2017 23:06
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Magic147 Offline
Not a penny more

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RE: TAble
Just change the rules!
10-01-2017 23:48
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seasider Online

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RE: TAble
Yeah that can't be right Biggrin
11-01-2017 10:40
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TheSuffolkSeasider Offline
Ipswich Exile

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RE: TAble
Smokinpool and TangerineNick in my sights now Fingers_crossed
11-01-2017 11:39
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