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Uploading pictures
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Lancashirehotpot Offline

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RE: Uploading pictures
(22-07-2017 10:28)thetruth1953 Wrote:  Well how many times have you frolicked nude potty?

None of your business!!!!!!

(22-07-2017 11:04)Magic147 Wrote:  Well you can't frolic fully clothed, can you?

22-07-2017 13:07
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daib0 Offline
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RE: Uploading pictures
(21-07-2017 16:51)tangerine77 Wrote:  Which hosting site are people using??

I hear photobucket is now charging?

Photobucket have ballsed me up, I got about 2,500 photos on there. I can download them on my PC but it'd take months to put them up, one by one, on another site. Or stay there and pay a whopping 400$ a year to be able to copy onto 'third parties'.
What I don't like is that I didn't see any warning, came out of the blue .... if they had said "any new photos we will charge" I'd understand it, but to strip you of nearly a decade of footie pics is poor stuff ....
25-07-2017 19:28
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Rimm-BFC Offline
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RE: Uploading pictures
Could you not just get a domain and cheap hosting to FTP all your images there and link to them?

UKcheapest is less than £27 a year for domain and budget hosting
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26-07-2017 06:25
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