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Blackpool's remarkable youth team
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RE: Blackpool's remarkable youth team
(17-04-2018 09:04)sudds green Wrote:  Wonderful effort from lads who we'll never see in tangerine as adults.
I work in an area of the (mainly) public sector where retention, as opposed to recruitment, is a problem.
Underfunding, poor facilities, health and safety continually compromised, staff overlooked and undervalued by the powers that be, leads to many seeking alternative employment.
John Murphy's comment comparing puddles and executive seats sums up our predicament.
Best of luck, boys, in your careers.

Exactly other than "having a good unit of friends and working well together" why else would they want to stay here above youth level?

We have a past of letting our top young talent leave after youth level
Telford,Waddington,Hunt,Bright,Higham etc ..
17-04-2018 11:39
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