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Baked Beans
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GynnSquarePhoenix Offline

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RE: Baked Beans
(05-04-2018 17:29)whitstabletangerine Wrote:  The very best baked beans I have ever tasted were in Sonny's BBQ restaurant in Florida, they were just delicious.

That's the ticket. Family run BBQ houses or a good traditional Mexican pot of refried beans or pintos are superior to anything the shops sell.
05-04-2018 17:57
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Magic147 Offline
Not a penny more

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RE: Baked Beans
(05-04-2018 17:45)Lancashirehotpot Wrote:  4 for £1, I believe. 3 for £1 in B&M.

4 beans for £1?

Terrible value.
05-04-2018 18:06
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rangers1945 Offline
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RE: Baked Beans
(05-04-2018 17:49)TheSuffolkSeasider Wrote:  Home bargains and B&M have only just made it to Ipswich these past couple of years Biggrin

and here was me thinking it was the North was neglected!!!!!!

PS I know Suffolk is not really South
05-04-2018 18:10
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Lancashirehotpot Offline

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RE: Baked Beans
(05-04-2018 18:06)Magic147 Wrote:  4 beans for £1?

Terrible value.

I know! I've emailed their head office.
05-04-2018 18:20
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