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The 10 Champs Game 2018-19
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RE: The 10 Champs Game 2018-19
Just give me the prize now Daib0. It’ll save you a lot of messing about over the season.
02-08-2018 22:20
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RE: The 10 Champs Game 2018-19
Complete list of the 46 participants and Forum

Daib0 (Extreme Football Forum - General Football)

QBlock (Back Henry Street Forum - Blackpool)

TheSuffolkSeasider (Back Henry Street Forum - Blackpool)

Toffeeman (Extreme Football Forum - General Football)

Tsi - Toon Forum (Newcastle United)

thetruth1953 (Back Henry Street Forum - Blackpool)

TJR - Toon Forum (Newcastle United)

Selby White - LUFC Talk (Leeds United)

ashman -The Posh Forum (Peterborough)

bristleposh -The Posh Forum (Peterborough)

Darlington - Extreme Football Forum (General Football)

Callum - (Extreme Football Forum - General Football)

Fernandopartridge - LUFC Talk (Leeds United)

Ste_Macca - Talk the Reds (Liverpool)

BanburyPosh -The Posh Forum (Peterborough)

rigger - LUFC Talk (Leeds United)

Bentent - Back Henry Street Forum (Blackpool)

randomizer - Talk the Reds (Liverpool)

Webster - Talk the Reds (Liverpool)

Cal - Toon Forum (Newcastle United)

john53- Back Henry Street Forum (Blackpool)

GynnSquarePhoenix - Back Henry Street Forum (Blackpool)

Donkey Toon - Toon Forum (Newcastle United)

Poshay -The Posh Forum (Peterborough)

dunc -The Posh Forum (Peterborough)

Mr Russell - LUFC Talk (Leeds United)

Suffolkposh -The Posh Forum (Peterborough)

SmokinPool - Back Henry Street Forum (Blackpool)

TomPNE - Back Henry Street Forum (Blackpool)

The Bank - Extreme Football Forum (General Football)

BantamHD - FMFA Forum

stuie - The Posh Forum (Peterborough)

Hakuna Matata - Black Cat Chat (Sunderland)

NottinghamWhite - LUFC Talk (Leeds United)

Emley White - LUFC Talk (Leeds United)

Davycc - LUFC Talk (Leeds United)

MeltonWhite - LUFC Talk (Leeds United)

kk_white - LUFC Talk (Leeds United)

Daniel - FMFA Forum

big jon - LUFC Talk (Leeds United)

Bodacious Benny - Toon Forum (Newcastle United)

Darlington - Extreme Football Forum (General Football)

Tufty - Black Cat Chat (Sunderland)

Conaboy - Black Cat Chat (Sunderland)

Eduardo - FMFA Forum

Tony - FMFA Forum

Just sit back, I’ll do the rest! First points on the board come 1st September...
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04-08-2018 12:15
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