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"Liverpool unluckiest Premier League team"
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AylesburyDave Offline
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"Liverpool unluckiest Premier League team"

Hope the link works!

According to research Liverpool would have finished second and Manchester United (the luckiest team) would have finished fourth if:

- Goals that should have been disallowed
- Incorrectly disallowed goals
- Incorrectly awarded penalties (that were scored)
- Penalties that were not awarded but should have been
- Incorrect red-card decisions
- Red-card incidents that were missed
- Goals scored after injury time overran
- Deflected goals

Had all been taken into account.

If they got everything right there would be a lot less to talk about!
07-08-2018 08:54
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daib0 Offline
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RE: "Liverpool unluckiest Premier League team"
yeah, I read that, thought that was interesting.
Especially the meticulous way they collected all the data
07-08-2018 19:04
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seasider Offline

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RE: "Liverpool unluckiest Premier League team"
At some point VAR will eradicate some of that.

Got a feeling United won't be so lucky this season.
07-08-2018 19:51
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Bally Offline
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RE: "Liverpool unluckiest Premier League team"
Always the victims. Some beaut was on Twitter saying they should boycott Sky TV because they're only on once during Oct/Nov. The fact they're on alternative channels doesn't come into it.
They are a strange breed.
10 out of their first 13 fixtures are on TV but they're moaning because Sky don't have exclusive rights to show them all? My heart bleeds for the cunts
(This post was last modified: 08-08-2018 07:43 by Bally.)
08-08-2018 07:40
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